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Sunday, February 22, 2015

One folder, three cards

I got the general ideas of using dots and snowflakes when doing an image search for the super powder puff embossing folder.

Friday, February 6, 2015

trash to treasure

I had thought for quite some time that the style of this tampon box was pretty cool. So today I finally covered the box over. It will fit A2 sized cards so you can keep cards in it or blanks for making cards. Unfortunately, it is sized to only fit cards and not envelopes which are a bit larger.
(side note: this was a brand new box I removed the contents from. No 'dirty' hands touched this box. LOL)
*Click the image to view larger.*  Sorry for the bad photo, I was losing daylight at the end.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I love you card

I made this card for the ScrapyLand Challenge blog.
The theme was spots and dots. Since we are coming up on Valentine's Day, I thought a love themed card would be a good one.

I used the Spellbinders D-Lites Ornamental Tags One  and embossed some silver metallic tape.

'I love you' was dry embossed on the die and traced over with a silver stardust pen. (This was done using the folder open and the 'blind method' of dry embossing. Which basically means you have to rub firmly over your paper with a blunt object or your embossing tool to find your lines you need to trace with a stylus. A light box does not work with paper that is too dark.)

Sorry for the off colors - my camera didn't capture the red very well and made it look pink.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spinning ribbon rack storage

A couple of quick pictures on what else you can use the Cropper Hopper spinning ribbon rack for - besides ribbon!
If you use binder clips you can hang little baggies of things like eyelets or buttons. You can also make little boxes and use binder clips to hang them from the rods. (note: the mini ones won't fit the rods but the small binder clips do) The top two tiers will hold 3 x 5 inch boxes. These are 3/4 in on the sides but may accommodate up to 2 inches I think.The bottom is lower and only fits 1 1/2 inch tall boxes (you can see a clear one in the second picture below.)
You could also hang toilet paper rolls from the rods and use them to hold pens and markers. I don't use mine this way but I thought I'd take a picture to show. That tube holds 7 Marvy Le Plume markers.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hanukkah cards

For this design, I was going with the 'festival of lights' that is Hanukkah so chose a lamp post which I embossed. The card base was misted with silver mist although you can't tell in the picture.
The second card was for someone whose family is interfaith and celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. And a holiday greeting stamp worked well, too, with the theme of the cards.
I did not realize I had planned the outside and inside with different orientations. LOL So the front of the card is horizontal while the inside is vertical.

Monday, December 22, 2014

One die, many doilies

With one die, you can stretch it into many doilies of varying designs and sizes. Just a careful snip of the scissors (or slice of a craft knife) will give you many options.
You could come up with even more than these, but here are 10. Starting with the original die cut straight from the die (Lifestyle Crafts).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kaleidoscope Creations Stamps....

I've got my 4th, and final for this year, sets designed and ready to be sent off to have the samples made.

Come check out all my designs from this year over at:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting your Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts doily die to cut....

I recently bought a very nice doily die from Lifestyle Crafts at Michaels but it did not want to cut in my cuttlebug. I had to really shim it up so that it was almost impossible to crank. And it cut thin paper better than cardstock.
I finally came to the realization that the ejection foam in the die was probably interfering with the ability to cut well. Unlike other wafer dies, these dies are entirely closed so there's no open space or holes to poke out your cuts and the bits and pieces. That's what the foam is for - to push the paper back out after it cuts it.
So I removed the foam from the outside of the cut and from the die cut shape. I left the foam in all the little places that would be the open areas in the die cut shape. I did NOT want to try and pick all those out of the die after!

You will likely have adhesive residue left behind in spots. You'll need to go back and clean that off. Or if you're lazy like me, rub cornstarch all over it and then use and old toothbrush to brush the excess cornstarch away. Worked pretty good for me - yours will depend on how much sticky got left behind.

Then I found that trying to pick the diecut out with a needle and not tearing it could get tricky (and a hassle). So I went back and grabbed a scrap of the foam, stuck it down in one little spot on the edge of the doily, and ran it through the machine to cut the foam inside the edge of the die shape. Throw away the excess and you will have this. A little spot where the edge will pop back up so you can grab it and peel out your diecut!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My new release (aka round 2)....

Here are my new designs. I just got the samples today and gave them a whirl. Will be putting in my order in a few days. If you're interested, send me an email at in the next couple of days before I place my order. If you buy directly from me, not my Etsy shop, then you save a dollar or two. Once they go in the Etsy shop I have to increase the price by $1 - $2 to help make up the additional fees.  This is the 'direct from me' price.

Recipe Album
$23 plus shipping

This set is 6 x 8 (which is like getting two 4 x 6 sets [wink] ) and contains 59 stamps.
'Wild Game' and 'Slow Cooker' are one stamp each. 'From the' and 'Kitchen of' are also one stamp each. The rest are single stamps that can be individual or combined as you wish.

Home Sweet Home
$13 plus shipping

This set is 4 x 6 and contains 17 stamps.

Magical Vacation
$13 plus shipping
This set is 4 x 6 and contains 20 stamps. ('extra' and 'magical' are separate stamps)

More Magical Vacation
$13 plus shipping
This set is 4 x 6 and contains 21 stamps.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My new stamp venture....

Some stamps I recently created. I wasn't planning on posting here actually but there's been an issue with some people seeing my images in photobucket. I'll be opening an Etsy shop soon.